Thursday, December 9, 2010

Google Translate Hip Hop Art Rock

G-Translate Falafel Rap

Download available here:

I was inspired by the article on how to use Google Translate to create a beatbox like effect.
Using German to German translation and vowel-less syllables, the original poster made a simple beat with a break near the end. Here's that original post:
Reddit Beatbox

One of my side projects is a Hip Hop Art Rock Collective known as P.O.W. or Prisoners of Whiteness.
Using Google Translate to try and hack together hiphop is a very square idea for a hepcat like me, but that's the point nowadays. (Where are my Buddy Holly nerd glasses?) But it fits into the P.O.W. collective's forthcoming E.P. quite well as a non-sequitur.

So without further ado, here's my method:
1 part German to German, edited mildly from the post
1 part Chinese to Chinese(Traditional)
1 part Norwegian to Norwegian
1 part Rhyme, straight English to English

Mix well and fade out.
Bake at 350 degrees.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Halloween Exclusives are Here!
All of them are available at the brand spanking new and html-challenged

We’ve got three different sampler packs for $25 each, the new Brothers Tingle set in its first release, as well as the brand new Mr. Scratch. Mr. Scratch is God’s favorite Soul Broker and the Director of the Bureau of Faith and Fear, one of the institutional pillars of the larger Bureaucracy of Death. The Brothers Tingle are his re-habilitated demonic work crew- Itchy, Peeper, and Wayne, Jr.

Brothers Tingle- Candy Corn Glow-in-the-Dark Edition
Limited to 2 sets

Brothers Tingle- Candy Corn Glow

9 Total Sampler Sets are available evenly divided between Sets A,B, & C.

Halloween Sampler A
Limited to 3 sets of Sampler A.

Halloween Sampler A

Mr. Scratch GID unpainted
Limited to ten per year, released for Halloween
Mr. Scratch GID

Mr. Scratch – Pumpkin Patch Fiend
Limited to 3. Two-pour resin-dyeing process.
Mr. Scratch - Pumpkin Patch Fiend

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Kurta Time

Greetings fellow post-nuclear vermin! The interruption in our broadcasting this summer has finally ceased following countless hours of litigation. Censored by the government, shackled by the social constraints of family, and temporarily detained by the siren’s song, Apocalypse Popsicle is back online. Rejoice! For the line shall continue to blur and the beasts will not gnash at their fearsome bits now that they smell the meat.

On the Job

The graceful reader will be encouraged that the staff here have not been idle in their seclusion. Apocalypse Popsicle took part in a couple of group shows this summer. This early summer AP had several pieces in Dragatomi’s Not Vinyl show. Dragatomi is located in Sacramento, CA and the Not Vinyl show focused on the emerging DIY toy scene. Artwork on display was in a variety of mediums: resin, paper, clay, metal, cardboard, etc. There are pics of my stuff from the Not Vinyl show a couple of posts down from this one and on the flickr page.

The ending of the season was capped by the Toxic Catalyst show at Super7 in San Francisco, CA. This was another show focusing on the emerging DIY scene, but it leaned heavily towards the homemade resin and mold making aspect of DIY making toys. The show was put on by the MonstreHero guys, Cliff & Sean. Thanks for putting me in the Toxic Catalyst group! This show was awesome and I really have to thank Super7 and Skullbrain for their continued support and inspiration. Here’s a pic or two from that show:
Toxic Catalyst on display

Bloody Yolk Old Toby back

On a more personal note-
The top picture in the post is of me at my engagement party. My girlfriend and I are finally taking the plunge. Who knew 7 years of dating would lead to marriage?

Halloween Fat Ladies


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rambo versus the A-Team

Rambo versus the A-Team 12"x7"
Rambo Versus the A-Team

Rambo vs the A-Team Detail 1

Rambo vs the A-Team Detail 2

Rambo vs the A-Team is one of the main pieces in my World War 2 Plus 2 set of pictures focusing mainly on Nazi/G.I. combat as represented in Silver Age comic books. Other eras are used, but the richest content is from the olden days. This piece is not for sale at this time.

Here's another piece from a series called Undersea Agent. There are ten completed pieces in this set with two more in process. This piece also not for sale yet.

Undersea Agent: Nemesis 12"x"7"
Undersea Agent: Nemesis

Undersea: Nemesis Detail

Van Gogh's Apprentice 6"x6"
Van Gogh's Apprentice

Van Gogh's Apprentice detail

The Stalker 6"x6"
The Stalker

The Stalker Detail

Friday, May 28, 2010

R.I.P Barry Coleman

Our dear friend and ally, Gary Coleman has passed away from a brain hemorrhage at the age of 42. Gary struggled with fame more than most child stars. And unlike most child stars, he really didn't deserve a lot of the abuse the tabloids threw at him regularly.

His forever boy-like features were a public display of our communal inner child, the accumulated wrinkles on his face reflecting even more so the horrors and tragedies of time's passage that so inevitably taint our former innocence.

In honor of Gary and in homage to the RIP Keith Ledger video, I present to you a short montage.

Here's the link to the original RIP Keith Ledger video. The song for this one has since been removed due to copyright. The original song was "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter.
If you play the Powter video from 1:53 and turn off the volume on the RIP Keith video, you've got the original copyright-violating version. It is way more funny with the original song.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dragatomi Not Vinyl Show Toys For Sale NOW

Sacramento-based gallery and toy store Dragatomi had their Not Vinyl show on May 8th. I had a few pieces in this show and I'd like to thank Joanne, Ray, and Lee Gadja for all the support in getting my stuff up in the gallery.

Dragatomi Not Vinyl Show

Dragatomi Not Vinyl Apocalypse Parade

Dragatomi has recently put up all of the pieces from the show. Here's some links to my pieces for sale:

Apocalypse Parade Mixed-Pour Set

Neon Lagoon Old Toby

Sir Begs-A-Lot, opaque blue

Sir Begs-A-Lot, pink/aqua clear

I'll Never Be Like You Dad!
I'll Never Be Like You Dad! (angle)

Kong, the Untamed

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Introducing Sir Begs-A-Lot

Sir Begs-A-Lot is an amphibious two-headed dog-pony. Old Toby's little brother, Sir Begs-A-Lot has many of the mannerisms that you would expect from someone like him. He begs for food a lot, though he can't seem to stop his two heads from fighting with each other. Despite the fact that both heads share one stomach, the brain wants what the brain wants.

More on the story of Old Toby and Sir Begs-A-Lot coming soon. For now, here are some pretty pictures:

Ponies in Space!
Sir Begs-A-Lot Space Duo

Ponies on Earth fleeing the invaders!
Sir Begs-A-Lot Pink Scientist1

ponies on my desk
Sir Begs-A-Lot Lamp3

Sir Begs-A-Lot Lamp1

Here's a sneak peek of the first official Sir Begs-A-Lot release. Sure, I had a few at Wondercon but only two sold that I know of and a third was for sale at Dragatomi's booth. I don't know if it sold, but the other two are in the illustrious hands of Connell, the plastichunter, and Skinner the frikkin' man-beast. You too can join these ranks! We march on Pennsylvania Dutch country upon the first amber rays of the dawn!

From the upcoming Unpainted Ponies release. Ten different, figures all unpainted, this release focuses on the application of color to the plastic while still liquid and the ability to manipulate that process. Here's a few:

Unpainted Ponies Preview

Unpainted Ponies Preview

Unpainted Ponies Preview

More info coming soon!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Superman vs. Muhammad Ali & KONG, The Untamed

WTF #1: Superman versus Muhammad Ali
6" x 6" x .5"

WTF #1: Superman vs. Muhammad Ali (Detail)

WTF #1: Superman vs. Muhammad Ali

large square 6"x6", smaller panel 6"x3" These panels are fused together with the liquid plastic into one solid object.


KONG, THE UNTAMED (detail 2)

The Blitzkrieg
6"x3", 4" diameter

The Blitzkrieg (angle)

FEAR: Approved by the Comic Codes Authority
6" x 6" x .5"
Note: I grew the java moss myself in my fishtank
Fear: Approved...(angle)

Fear: Approved...(Detail)

If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces here, please send me an email for a quote at

For even more of these plastic canvases, check out the flickr set here:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Conan at the Koi Pond, also Comic Book Misogyny

Conan at the Koi Pond 8" x 5.5", 1"depth

Conan at the Koi Pond

Conan at the Koi Pond Detail

And now...
Comic Book Misogyny: an examination of violence against women on vintage comic book cover art

In Death's Dark Waters 6"x6", .75" depth

In Death's Dark Waters

The first in a series depicting extreme scenes of brute force attacks on women played out on comic book covers. While comics are filled with depictions of violence against women (whom are already sexually objectified), some cover art scenes are so aggressive that I find it compelling to catalog them and re-contextualize them outside of the story contained in the comic. The comic as product (regardless of the story's content) is being sold with this image of violence against women as its main purchase point. An empowered female character is still being dominated by a more powerful male. The frequency of these covers in both past and present is alarming. So don't hit the snooze button, I've got more coming your way.

Repercussions 8" x 5.5", .75" depth, director's slate is .25" above canvas surface


Am I also using their misogynistic tactics as a selling point of my work? Of course I am. The images are compelling for so many reasons and while my new formatting may further glorify the original image, my intent is to please the eye for what the mind darkly enjoys while also hoping to spurn some personal introspection into the prevalence and meaning of misogyny in art and popular culture. I am vehemently opposed to violence against women. I am fascinated by its consistent portrayal in popular media. These are questionable images that should make us ask ourselves some questions.

If anyone is interested in purchasing any of these three pieces, please shoot me an email over to Put the piece you are interested in the title of your message so I don't lose it if it gets sent to the old spam folder.

Check out some more of these canvases here:
Plastic Canvas Flickr

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Custom Sets from the BOX of FATE revealed!

All of the custom sets from the Box Of Fate release can be seen at the flickr page:

Here are a few samples of them:

Unpainted Apocalypse Parade
Apocalypse Parade BOF Set B

Pumpkin Patch Mixed Custom Set
BOF Mixed Custom Set D pic 2

Fat Lady Crew: Organically Inclined Set
Fat Lady Crew BOF Set B pic2

Fat Lady Crew: Dirty Dirt Road Do-Gooder Demons Club Set
Fat Lady Crew BOF Set E

Fat Lady Crew: The Nursery Set
Fat Lady Crew BOF Set D

Unpainted Pearl Blue/Green Uni-Chan with Navy Dr. Mori Katatsumuri
Uni-Chan Custom BOF Set C

More pics at the flickr page

thanks to all who helped out and contributed to the Boxes of Fate: toybotstudios, MutantVinylHardcore, Bert Gatchalian and Lil Japan-- all of you are too cool for school and so smooth you're sharp. the response to this release has made me happy and eager to make more

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chunks of Plastic Canvas Art from the Box of Fate Release

Epic (part 1)
approx. 6" x 3"
Epic piece 1 of 2

The High Cost of Fashion
6" x 3"
The High Cost of Fashion

The Juice Says #1 (3 and 4 of 4 parts)
approx 4" diameter per circular tile
The Juice Says Pieces 3 and 4 of 4

Epic (part 2 of 2)
6" x 3"
Epic piece 2 of 2

The rest of the plastic canvas pieces from the Boxes of Fate can be seen on flickr over here: