Sunday, April 4, 2010

Conan at the Koi Pond, also Comic Book Misogyny

Conan at the Koi Pond 8" x 5.5", 1"depth

Conan at the Koi Pond

Conan at the Koi Pond Detail

And now...
Comic Book Misogyny: an examination of violence against women on vintage comic book cover art

In Death's Dark Waters 6"x6", .75" depth

In Death's Dark Waters

The first in a series depicting extreme scenes of brute force attacks on women played out on comic book covers. While comics are filled with depictions of violence against women (whom are already sexually objectified), some cover art scenes are so aggressive that I find it compelling to catalog them and re-contextualize them outside of the story contained in the comic. The comic as product (regardless of the story's content) is being sold with this image of violence against women as its main purchase point. An empowered female character is still being dominated by a more powerful male. The frequency of these covers in both past and present is alarming. So don't hit the snooze button, I've got more coming your way.

Repercussions 8" x 5.5", .75" depth, director's slate is .25" above canvas surface


Am I also using their misogynistic tactics as a selling point of my work? Of course I am. The images are compelling for so many reasons and while my new formatting may further glorify the original image, my intent is to please the eye for what the mind darkly enjoys while also hoping to spurn some personal introspection into the prevalence and meaning of misogyny in art and popular culture. I am vehemently opposed to violence against women. I am fascinated by its consistent portrayal in popular media. These are questionable images that should make us ask ourselves some questions.

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