Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Introducing Sir Begs-A-Lot

Sir Begs-A-Lot is an amphibious two-headed dog-pony. Old Toby's little brother, Sir Begs-A-Lot has many of the mannerisms that you would expect from someone like him. He begs for food a lot, though he can't seem to stop his two heads from fighting with each other. Despite the fact that both heads share one stomach, the brain wants what the brain wants.

More on the story of Old Toby and Sir Begs-A-Lot coming soon. For now, here are some pretty pictures:

Ponies in Space!
Sir Begs-A-Lot Space Duo

Ponies on Earth fleeing the invaders!
Sir Begs-A-Lot Pink Scientist1

ponies on my desk
Sir Begs-A-Lot Lamp3

Sir Begs-A-Lot Lamp1

Here's a sneak peek of the first official Sir Begs-A-Lot release. Sure, I had a few at Wondercon but only two sold that I know of and a third was for sale at Dragatomi's booth. I don't know if it sold, but the other two are in the illustrious hands of Connell, the plastichunter, and Skinner the frikkin' man-beast. You too can join these ranks! We march on Pennsylvania Dutch country upon the first amber rays of the dawn!

From the upcoming Unpainted Ponies release. Ten different, figures all unpainted, this release focuses on the application of color to the plastic while still liquid and the ability to manipulate that process. Here's a few:

Unpainted Ponies Preview

Unpainted Ponies Preview

Unpainted Ponies Preview

More info coming soon!

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