Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Custom Sets from the BOX of FATE revealed!

All of the custom sets from the Box Of Fate release can be seen at the flickr page:

Here are a few samples of them:

Unpainted Apocalypse Parade
Apocalypse Parade BOF Set B

Pumpkin Patch Mixed Custom Set
BOF Mixed Custom Set D pic 2

Fat Lady Crew: Organically Inclined Set
Fat Lady Crew BOF Set B pic2

Fat Lady Crew: Dirty Dirt Road Do-Gooder Demons Club Set
Fat Lady Crew BOF Set E

Fat Lady Crew: The Nursery Set
Fat Lady Crew BOF Set D

Unpainted Pearl Blue/Green Uni-Chan with Navy Dr. Mori Katatsumuri
Uni-Chan Custom BOF Set C

More pics at the flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/apocalypsepopsicle/

thanks to all who helped out and contributed to the Boxes of Fate: toybotstudios, MutantVinylHardcore, Bert Gatchalian and Lil Japan-- all of you are too cool for school and so smooth you're sharp. the response to this release has made me happy and eager to make more

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