Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Halloween Exclusives are Here!
All of them are available at the brand spanking new and html-challenged

We’ve got three different sampler packs for $25 each, the new Brothers Tingle set in its first release, as well as the brand new Mr. Scratch. Mr. Scratch is God’s favorite Soul Broker and the Director of the Bureau of Faith and Fear, one of the institutional pillars of the larger Bureaucracy of Death. The Brothers Tingle are his re-habilitated demonic work crew- Itchy, Peeper, and Wayne, Jr.

Brothers Tingle- Candy Corn Glow-in-the-Dark Edition
Limited to 2 sets

Brothers Tingle- Candy Corn Glow

9 Total Sampler Sets are available evenly divided between Sets A,B, & C.

Halloween Sampler A
Limited to 3 sets of Sampler A.

Halloween Sampler A

Mr. Scratch GID unpainted
Limited to ten per year, released for Halloween
Mr. Scratch GID

Mr. Scratch – Pumpkin Patch Fiend
Limited to 3. Two-pour resin-dyeing process.
Mr. Scratch - Pumpkin Patch Fiend

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