Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nostalgic Punchlines Episode One


Nostalgic Punchlines, Episode 1: "My Mom" from Apocalypse Popsicle on Vimeo.

Audio samples culled from the following freesound.org contributors: Texas Radio Theatre Company, harri, Syna-Max, dataset, KorgMS2000B, Benboncan, jrssandoval, and digitopia. The music that bookends the short is by Texas Radio Theatre Company and is a re-recording of some of the actual music that originally accompanied the films of the silent era. This score is called “Sailor” and comes from the Sam Fox Silent Movie Book. The grainy orchestral section was recorded as an answering machine message via cell phone microphone. KorgMS2000B missed the call, but he now owns two minutes of mystery music; I have used it here to help spread its fame and mystery. It's so badly recorded, you'll be convinced it's an artifact from the annals of audio reproduction.

Nostalgic Punchlines
Episode 1, “My Mom”

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