Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nostalgic Punchlines Episode 2: Tuba Snake


Consisting of bad jokes, classic film footage, and immature soundscapes, the Nostalgic Punchlines series aims to re-contextualize these elements and transform them into a cohesive vision that accents, derides, and celebrates the communal media memory banks of our bastardized culture.

Nostalgic Punchlines Episode 2: Tuba Snake from Apocalypse Popsicle on Vimeo.

youtube link:

Audio samples culled from the following contributors: Texas Radio Theatre Company, Connum, junggle, nicStage, Robinhood76, bigjoedrummer, sandyrb, J.Zavurek, and payattention.

Coming next for the Nostalgic Punchlines Films Strip Series: Imperialism! Hilarious!
But before our next installment of that illuminated serial, an SF Oliver Audiobooks original story of creative non-fiction. "The Distressing Contents of Last Season" part 1 to be released soon.

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