Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hommonculus Space Baby: The Cartoon

Based on an original story and song that I wrote a few years back, Hommonculus Space Baby is a classic tale of man's ingenuity and talent for inventing new technology leading to his ultimate bloody demise. Despite our communal fears of an asteroid collision, a new ice age, or nuclear Armageddon that will destroy our cursed planet, our real destruction will be much more innocuous. One of many new technologies designed to simplify one of mankind's constants irritations, who could know that it would go so disgustingly wrong? Life was not made to be simple.
Science will destroy us all!

*Not Safe For Work (unless you work someplace cool. no nudity, but some images of sex toys and references to the reproductive system. CK says Parental Discretion Advised, but I believe children need to know the truth. so gather your young ones's apocalypse time.)

This Cartoon is animated and produced by Chuck Kamzelski. It is part of his cartoon series San Francisco Sundays While the Hommonculus Space Baby instructional music video does stand alone as a prophetic (and true) vision, that content is only amplified by the short film immediately following. Check out San Francisco Sundays Episode 1 and 2 on youtube at

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