Saturday, May 9, 2009

How To Noodle


If you are not familiar with the extreme sport of Noodling, which was made infamous by Bradley Beesley's 2001 film Okie Noodling, then perhaps you should wander over to the Wiki page on the subject found here Noodling

For those that are familiar with the sport and those that are not, I offer up this brief musical tutorial for children that instructs the listener in the finer details of Noodling.
The beginning of this piece contains a tangential conversation between myself and Evan Chadwick, a man of much distinction. That conversation concerns the Giant Chinese Salamander, so while not strictly about Noodling still provides a dainty aquatic segue. Gather the young'uns together and lend an ear.

How to Noodle (giant salamander intro) - Slim Oliver


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