Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Playtime with Dustin Cantrell's Anklyosaurus

Greetings fine specimens of dignity and taste! I was lucky enough to help Dustin Cantrell with the moldmaking for his awesomely detailed Anklyosaurus sculpt. Dustin is already well known as a smooth artist with the airgun. Once he started sculpting, it was obvious that these two talents should merge. The noble steeds of our infernal stable here at Apocalypse Popsicle Farms wish Dustin the greatest of success in what we're sure will prove to become a toy-making addiction for him. In fact, while we were just sitting around watching rubber cure, I tossed him a few choice snail skeletons and he went berserker on some clay on a new figure to be released in the Apocalypse Popsicle Box of Fate 2011 (pre-order this Friday). More of that later.

Here's a few pictures I took in my yard with the two early casts I got to keep. I poured the orange and green bi-color clear figure myself. In these photos, the two dinosaurs defend their nest, which is a real nest which was abandoned by the ground-nesting birds in my yard. The cat spooked them. And though I didn't let her out for another ten days, they did not return.

Dustin Cantrell's Anklyosaurus on the Fence

Cantrell's Anklyosaurus is territorial

Cantrell's Anklyosaurus and the Nest

Dustin Cantrell's Anklyosaurus Nesting

Dustin Cantrell Anklyosaurus Hanging In The "Studio"

Dustin has some awesomely painted Anklyosaurus figures painted up professionally on his big cartel page. Go get one!

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